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Problem No. 1

Enquiry Section

The Enquiry Section does not generate automatic enquiry no’s after no. 10. After this all enquiry no’s by default will be saved as enquiry 10 , unless You change it. Refer the Screenshot for more details

The Enquiry No. Does Not increase

Problem No. 2

Old Balance – After Session Transfer

After Session Transfer if there is Old Balance in name of student, even if you collect it from Fee Receipts ; Mis Fees Receipts Keeps on to Show the Values of the Old Balance. See Screenshot of Admission no. 106

Old Balance Fee Received in Fee Receipt

Misc Fee Receipt Still Showing Old Balance

Problem No. 3

Transport Fee – Discontinuance Error

Transport Fees is Very Crucial Fee Head for School. Correct Record keeping of the same is very important to collect this fees on time.

Our Software gives Faulty Reports when Somebody Opts for Transport from Session Mid or Opts out from it.ues of the Old Balance. See Screenshot of Admission no. 1125

Case ||
We  deduct 4 months fee till July,23. And uncheck the Red Transport Flag from Admission Area . The Fee Card Gives Wrong Report of Transport Fees in Both Cases.

Transport Flag Unchecked from Admission Area

Wrong Fee card Dues Before Flag Removal

Wrong Fee Card Dues after Flag Removal

Problem No. 4

User Profile Rights Not Working Fully

We made a New Profile named “Receptionist”  and Give Limited Rights to it. The Profile was give the rights of Adding New Students Only. Rest all the Rights Was taken way.

But this profile was able to make changes to 4 Crucial admin areas.
User Id & Password to check details  : myerp

Check | Rights Assigned to Receptionist Profile

Can Make Fee Plan Changes

Change Values in Fee Head

Can Offer Fee Concession

Can Make Payments

Can make Misc Fee Receipts

Problem No. 5

Limitation of Fee Receipt Register

The Fee Receipt does not Shows the 3 Very Vital Things of Fee Transaction. Amount of Rs. Collected by Card/UPI/Bank &  Discount in the Fee Receipt Register.

Check the Fee transaction of Admission no. 105.
Of His Rs. 5000/- He was Given Rs. 2000/- Discount. The Payment was done in 2 Parts. Rs. 2000/- as cash And Rs. 1000/- by Card/UPI

Check | Fee Receipt Transaction

Check| the Fee Receipt Register Report

Problem No. 6

One Software – Multiple Final Accounts Report

The School Loves to have our Software through which he can perform all the necessary activities with Ease.  But at the end of the day when the Accountant Submits the Daily Collection Report  to Principal  who further submits it to Manager; the overall experience is not Good at all.

Imagine a Day of an Accountant | who has collected  25000/- as Fees Receipt , 6000 as House Dress, 1000 as TC Fees , 1200 as Form Fee and had Paid 7000 of Staff Salary.

Is There any Single Report He can Submit to His Superior(s) at the end of day. Can we Find a Better way to make their Life easier

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